Investment management and advice

Build and protect your wealth

Like other aspects of your financial situation, your investment portfolio can help you the most when it reflects your current personal and financial situation.

Your investment portfolio should be updated when you’ve had a change in personal circumstances, such as an earlier retirement date than you had planned, or a greater need to reduce risk. Now, as you adapt to your own change, it may be time to re-introduce yourself to your investment portfolio.

To help create a clear picture of your current and future income, your tolerance for market risk, your personal investing preferences and the time that you need to invest for, we can work with you to help you answer questions like:

Why are you investing?

Will you have sufficient wealth to retire?

How can you preserve your existing wealth for legacy or charity?

Because every investment strategy is personal, we will work with you to create and/or update a portfolio that reflects your new stage in life and your plans for the future.

Access comprehensive wealth planning through these RBC businesses:

Investment management and advice

Benefit from professional advice on the full range of investments uniquely personalized investment management and comprehensive financial, retirement and estate planning.

RBC Dominion Securities
Investment counselling

Realize your financial goals through consistent investment management, led by our firm's established approach, which is tailored to your family’s circumstances by a personal investment counsellor.

RBC PH&N Investment Counsel
Estate, trust and elder care solutions

Preserve your wealth for future generations while getting the professional assistance you need to navigate complex and sometimes emotional decisions.

RBC Estates & Trust Services
Banking and credit

Receive customized wealth management, sophisticated banking, cash management and high-net-worth credit solutions, from a dedicated private banker and their team.

RBC Private Banking

Best Private Banking Services in Canada

2017 Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey

Best Private Bank in Canada

Global Private Banking Awards 2017 presented by PWM and The Banker

Outstanding Private Bank - North America

Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards 2017

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