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We hope you and your family are keeping well. This has been a challenging year for many of us and as such, we’ve focused this edition of Perspectives on well-being and wealth planning for the future. We will look at how the right planning strategies can protect your wealth and help ensure you achieve your long-term goals.

Regardless of your life stage or situation, “Financial planning: Nine key areas of focus” will provide you with tips in reviewing your goals and needs, and planning aspects to consider as part of financial well-being. For the younger generation, we explore key financial literacy concepts parents can use to start the conversation about managing finances. We have also included articles about creating tax savings with income splitting, and the benefits of a regular investing strategy over the long-term.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been growing awareness around the importance of estate planning. Our article “Estate planning in today’s times: Four key elements” discusses how to open up dialogue with family members and fundamental elements to help safeguard one’s wishes and intentions. We also explore shifting trends in charitable giving and how a structured approach may help you make a more meaningful difference over time.

As a long-time sponsor of the Olympics, we are pleased to feature three RBC Olympians who share their expert tips and insights on staying well. We also discuss different ways to incorporate wellness practices into your daily life.

I encourage you to speak with your RBC Wealth Management advisor to learn more about our personalized approach, and how proper wealth planning strategies can provide you and your family with peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

David Agnew, CEO
RBC Wealth Management Canada

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