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RBC Wealth Management Online

Thank you for your patience as we work to make our new website, RBC Wealth Management Online, better for you. Here you will find answers to the most common questions that clients are asking about the new website. We’re working to prioritize any issues you may be experiencing and, as always, appreciate your feedback. Please share your feedback with us by clicking on the “Feedback” button on the right-hand side of your RBC Wealth Management Online Homepage.

Why does the “Remember Me” function not retain my Client Card number on WM Online?

In order to save the settings for “Remember Me”, you will need to clear your cookies in order to resolve this issue. Here are the steps to remove cookies:

  1. From the WM Online sign in page right click and click Inspect
  2. A section will open on the right hand side. You might need to pull the window to the left until you see the Application tab
  3. Click Application
  4. Click under Cookies
  5. Find the cookie called PH01 and right click
  6. Click Delete

Where can I get help with the new website?

To learn more about navigating the new website, please click on the “Show Me How” button at the top right of your RBC Wealth Management Online sessions. We’ve also created step-by-step how-to guides (RBC PH&N Investment CounselRBC Royal Trust) in both video and PDF formats for everything from sending us secure messages to customizing your Holdings page. We’re here to help whenever you need – please contact your team directly should you have any questions.

Why are some of my accounts not shown on the Summary page?

The summary page will only show accounts that have a value. $0 value accounts will not be displayed on the Summary page, however, you can see the list of all your accounts on your Holdings page.

Where are my Holdings?

In the left-hand navigation, go to “Portfolio” then select “Account Holdings.”

How can I sign out of the new site?

On the left-hand navigation, click the “Sign out” link. Or you may select the sign-out button located at the top right of your Homepage. You can also sign out by clicking on your name in the top right of your online session and selecting “Sign out.”

Can I go back to the old website?

Our previous website served us very well for many years, and we had reached the stage where we needed to upgrade in order to make digital enhancements for the future. We’re committed to continually improving the new website, and we want to make it better for you. We’re also here to help if you have any questions about the new website – please contact your team directly should you have any questions.