Greg’s story

Serial entrepreneur, CEO, RBC Wealth Management client


“The bank has become simplified for me because I just hand over most of the challenges we have … they give me peace of mind”

“They [RBC Wealth Management] give me peace of mind. It allows me to do what I’m good at. I don’t want to run money, I want to build businesses.”

Greg Cochrane is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and father. As someone with little time, he appreciates the seamless, integrated experience RBC Wealth Management has provided for him and his family.

“The bank and the team we have; it’s a complete team. Think about this, it’s like a mini family office you have. Those folks, they know what our goals are. Our private bankers and our folks at PH&N (Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel) and at DS (Dominion Securities) they know about our family nucleus.”