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Leave program

Our investment advisors have the flexibility to take a break from their career, typically for parental leave, knowing their clients are well taken care of. Advisors can still remain fully involved but can rely on support from their peers.


Open to all investment advisors, wealth advisors and portfolio managers across Canada, this program offers an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a like-minded colleague to help achieve career and personal goals.

Women’s Advisory Board

RBC’s Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) is a forum for women advisors across Wealth Management Canada. The group is committed to workplace diversity and inclusivity and empowering members to achieve their professional goals. WAB organizes the bi-annual Women’s Symposium, a networking opportunity and forum for sharing ideas and best practices to help teams take their businesses to the next level.

Making a difference

To encourage well-being, inclusion and prosperity, we look for ways to support, mentor and guide others in our communities. Through volunteering, corporate sponsorships and grants, we strive to inspire a path toward a better future.

Preventive steps women can take to safeguard their brain and heart health

Women and wealth

Disease risk factors are different for men and women. Know what yours are so you can take charge of your health as you age.

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Diversity and inclusion

At RBC Wealth Management, diversity and inclusion is one of our core values and embedded in our culture. Cultivating a diverse workforce—through programs and dedicated resources—helps us all succeed. We believe diversity and inclusion is an engine for innovation and economic prosperity.

Supporting a culture of respect