Optimize your wealth

Achieve your financial goals with our intelligent solutions

We’ll work with you to understand what is most important to your life, taking your unique tax situation into account.

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Simplify your complex financial affairs

With more professional responsibility, comes more financial complexity.

Executives who are too busy to optimize their wealth often benefit from a more sophisticated, integrated approach from RBC Wealth Management.

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Address your multi-faceted investment needs

As a high-income earner your investment management needs are unique.

We can help provide assistance and answer all of your complex investment questions with time-tested strategies designed for your particular station in life.

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Premium banking to suit your lifestyle

Gain the freedom to focus on your most important priorities with our exclusive banking service.

Your dedicated team will take care of all your banking, credit solutions and wealth planning needs while coordinating with your other RBC Wealth Management experts.

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Protect your family from income loss

If you are the primary breadwinner in your family, there may be risks associated with your senior position.

Prepare your family in the event of the unexpected with an income replacement strategy.